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Is Mtech From IIT Worth It


Another great advantage of choosing an MTech is you get to take up seats at the Indian Institute of Technology colleges. Another advantage of studying Mtech is that you may get more employment opportunities and better pay packages from companies than you would have with merely having an undergraduate BTech. You can also do an Mtech in other branches of engineering. In India, doors of all the top research jobs would open up to you by getting MTech from an IIT.   

Yes, you can do an MTech at the same time you are working since IITs provide a dedicated MTech part-time courses to working professionals. Recently, the IITs also started offering a part time MTech course for working professionals, which is a 3-year programme. IIT Delhi offers a MS (Research) programme on part-time basis, particularly in MTech for working professionals in India. In brief, Master in Technology is the course which is labeled Learn While Earning and even the IITs are appreciating the label of providing entrances for working professionals to enhance their careers by empowering them with better knowledge.    

To be admitted into IITs MTech part-time courses, the applicant should have either BTech or be an undergraduate degree holder from a recognized university. Yes, MTech is a graduate-level course which can be completed by someone holding BTech and a relevant bachelors degree in the science sector. Yes, one can enroll for an MTech course and complete its courses, pursuing ones work.    

If you are ready to quit your job or become a student, a full-time course is a better choice for you. There are plenty of options that you can go with, be it a masters in technology from a reputable institute or simply a course in an online diploma. After finishing M.Techs at the IITs, many students choose to do PhDs at U.S. universities due to funding and research opportunities in U.S.   

Just finishing an MTech from the IITs does not define an opportunity to do research work or a job in countries outside of India. Many colleges and universities now require an MTech degree, and even PhDs, at times, in order to be faculty members or professors at colleges such as the IITs. If you have done bachelors degree from lower-ranking colleges, if you are able to get an MTech degree from an IIT/NIT/BITs (meaning doing really, really well on the GATE), then that increases your employability and may get you into the upper-tier employers in India.   

IIT Kharagpur offers Joint MTech-PhD programmes in following disciplines, which are admitted via Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). A. IIT Kharagpur offers a joint MTech/MCP Joint PhD Programme for students completing UG degrees in relevant streams.    

For students selected for PhD, MTech/MCP and PhD degrees will be awarded jointly on successfully completing PhD. Students selected for PhD must have completed two years of the academic requirements for the 2-year MTech/MCP program prior to enrolling in PhD. Part-time MTech students at an IIT are expected to finish the course within the minimum term length of six semesters (maximum ten semesters) to enable them to pursue the course with lower loads compared with full-time students each term. 

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