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How Many Seats Are There In NIT


In Total Number of Seats at NITs, and IITs, candidates can get comprehensive and updated information about total seats offered at every NIT, and IIT, tabulated. IITs, NITs, and offer limited seats, therefore, it is indeed very important for aspirants to be aware of total seats offered in the NITs, and IITs, so that they have options while applying. There are a total 3 separate tables given below that describes the Total Seats offered at the NITs and IITs.   

Here, we will get to know how many seats IITs and all the other institutes increased. This Seat Matrix details how many seats are available to students on matriculation at IITs, as well as reservation percentages for SC/ST students.NIT Seat Matrix, which students should check periodically to know whether seats are available for their admission. 

The 2022 JEE Main Seat Allocation is totally based on aspirants merits and choices at JoSAA and CSAB. The first-round seat allotment matrix of JEE Mains 2022 will be displayed by The JoSAA. We will be discussing JEE Main 2022 Seat Matrix throughout the article as well as complete JEE Mains 2022 Seat Allotment.    

The exam conducting authorities are expected to announce JEE Main 2022 Seat Allotment online via JoSAAs website. If you are allocated and confirmed a seat at an IIT during a particular cycle, and are allocated a different slot at a NIT+ institute for the first time, then your documents and eligibility criteria are checked by NIT+ system once again. This table also covers the eligibility criteria that are used for allocating seats at NITs.  

How Many Seats Are There In NIT

Similarly, of 23994 seats across the 32 NITs, 23245 seats were allocated in a gender-neutral pool, while 749 were allocated to the womens over-subscribed pool. The rules for the operation, as articulated by JOSAA, explicitly talk about the reserve of seats for the home states to the other NITs, too. The business rule formulated by JOSAA for 2021-22 academic year says NIT-Goa has 50% Home State quota reserved seats. Not only NIT-Goa, every NIT across the country has reserved seats for the Home State Quota.   

All the NITs in the country have seats reserved under the Home State Quota, prescribed by Union Education Ministry (formerly Department of HRD). Earlier, seat allocation in the Government-funded Technical institutes, the Indian Institutes of Technology, NITs, the Indian Institutes of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Indian Institutes of Information Technology were done via Joint Seat Allocation Authorities. The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) has released information on number of seats available in the Indian NIT colleges for 2021-22.

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