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How Many NIT In India


NITs in India The Indian National Institutes of Technology are a collection of government-run, public research engineering institutions. NITs in India were established to impart advanced training in the fields of science and technology. NITs offer enrollment to undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of fields.

Most 31 NITs offer degree courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a variety of fields such as Engineering, Architecture, Management, and Science.    

There are some benefits to taking various engineering courses from the best NIT colleges in India. NITs provide well-established courses of Engineering like B.Tech and M.Tech degrees across India. NITs are among the countrys most prestigious engineering colleges, and have some of the lowest admission rates. The various surveys on colleges have given a majority favor to NITs compared to the rest of government-run universities of India, with exceptions to IITs and a few others.    

How Many NIT In India

31 nit in india

NIT Trichy
NIT Surathkal
NIT Rourkela
NIT Warangal
NIT Calicut
NIT Durgapur
NIT Nagpur
NIT Jaipur
NIT Allahabad
NIT Kurukshetra
NIT Surat
NIT Silchar
NIT Jalandhar
NIT Meghalaya
NIT Bhopal
NIT Raipur
NIT Srinagar
NIT Patna
NIT Jamshedpur
NIT Agartala
NIT Hamirpur
NIT Delhi
NIT Puducherry
NIT Manipur
NIT Arunachal Pradesh
NIT Mizoram
NIT Nagaland
NIT Sikkim
NIT Uttarakhand
NIT Andhra Pradesh

Amongst various technical colleges across the country, Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are the most notable choice to study engineering in India. National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are Indias leading engineering and technology institutions, and are a newer face to existing regional engineering colleges (RECs). Due to this, the NITs are differentiated from Indian Institutes of Technology, IITs, which is the other renowned system of Indian engineering schools. It is important to note that the NITs are one of the leading institutions of technical studies, following the IITs.   

The National Institutes of Technology offers degrees in various branches of engineering and technology, such as Bachelors, Masters, and PhD levels. While detailing about the list of NITs in India, keep in mind that the country has 31 total NITs offering engineering and technology-based courses in the bachelors level and the post-graduate levels, like the B.Tech, M.Tech, etc. This is the one-stop solution for engineering aspirants looking to enroll themselves at top-ranked NIT colleges in India. 

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