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Can I Get Nit With 90 Percentile


Candidates looking for JEE Main score to percentageile comparison can check out the following chart and know how many marks are required for 90 percentile score in JEE Main 2022. There are multiple factors which contribute towards the JEE Main rank, student examination scores remains the most important among all as they decide the percentageiles and eligibility cutoffs of JEE Main 2022 exam. While determining a list of ranks, the exam administrators take into account the highest National Test Authority score in the JEE Main exam, and analyze JEE Main Score to Percentile 2022. The 2022 JEE Main rank list will be prepared on the basis of NTAs averaged, subject-wise scores obtained by candidates from the two sessions.

NTA scores of each candidate for the aggregate in B.E/B.Tech in session 1 as well as in session 2 of the JEE (Main)-2022 will be combined to compile results and to prepare an overall merit list or rank. The cutoff marks in various categories will be calculated based on difficulty of questions & NTA scores obtained by candidates appearing in the JEE Main exams. The best of the two NTA scores/percentiles are considered in the preparation of the ranking list. Percentile is not a percentage of scores scored by candidates on exam, but the raw marks.

The percentile score is the relative score where a top performer would score 100 in percentile. Aspirants will be keenly interested in knowing what does the JEE Main percentile score mean and which ranks are they likely to achieve according to the percentile score. Candidates will have trouble understanding the score-percentile relationship in the JEE Mains 2022, but the right formulas will help them to do so. Scoring 70 marks will give you an 85-90% Percentile score, and candidates who score this will have quite good chances of qualifying for JEE Mains.

Here, candidate F has scored better than candidate E. Thus, a difference in results will occur if one takes into account that raw scores secured by candidates appearing in JEE Mains at different sessions with varying levels of complexity has been removed. This means, candidates who scored between 80-90 per centiles 80-90 per centiles had good chances to be admitted into the NITs and IIITs for BTech programmes.

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